Bringing the James P. Douglas Home.
August 31, 2013.  Sitting in Union Pacific's East Yard in San Antonio, Texas the Cotton Belt Business Car is waiting for the move back to her home in Tyler, Texas.  She has been sorely used and abused and in need of lots of love. 
Follow along with us as the Cotton Belt Rail Historical Society, TylerTap Chapter brings the St. Louis-Southwestern (Cotton Belt) business car back to her home in Tyler, Texas .  In honor of the founder of the "Cotton Belt" railroad, the CBRHS TT has renamed the Dixie as the James P. Douglas.
The former Dixie is a heavyweight car, See Goen's Cotton Belt Color Pictorial, p. 50, for a photo and details. Originally a 1910 Pullman built Parlor Car for the PRR until returned to Pullman, rebuilt as a Diner then sold to SSW in 1940 and numbered 242. In storage from the late 1940's until rebuilt as a Business Car in 1953. Painted in Daylight scheme until 1960 when it was repainted into SSS. Retired early 1970's.

James Postell Douglas was the organizer and first president of the Tyler Tap, which became the Texas and St. Louis and then the St. Louis Southwestern. Douglas was also instrumental in the establishment of the Kansas and Gulf Short Line from Tyler to Lufkin, TX.

He owned a chain of canning factories, the first in Tyler, to market produce from his farms. As a planter, he was greatly interested in agricultural experimentation and owned a large peach orchard, said to be the first in East Texas.